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Stone DEAD

The music of the Grateful Dead high atop Zion Hill…

Stone DEAD

Stone Dead is a collaboration of Seacoast NH musicians with roots going back to the legendary Stone Church scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Hailing from acts such as Percy Hill, Groove Child, Thanks to Gravity, The Amorphous Band and Trade amongst many others, they’ve come together again to play the music of the Dead on the stage they call home. Adam Terrell and Chris O’Neill on guitars bring the magic of the Garcia/Weir gems to life with bassist Drew Wyman dropping the Phil bombs and runs in all the right places. On drums, Tim Leavy and George Laliotis lay down the fat groove styles of the Kreutzman/Hart years and keyboardist Chris Sink plays and expands upon the repertoire with energy and insight. All six members sing the distinct harmonies and trade off on lead vocals. No Stone is unturned- psychedelia, country and disco Dead are all in the mix, smiles are on the faces and the growing fanbase are returning in hopes of hearing their favorite jam time and time again.

Next Shows: October 28th and 29th 2022!

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