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Stone DEAD

The music of the Grateful Dead high atop Zion Hill…

Stone DEAD

Stone Dead is a collaboration of veteran New Hampshire Seacoast musicians with roots and associations going back to the 80’s. We perform music of the Grateful Dead delivered with the bomb-dropping energy and fat groove styling most associated with the latter half of the band’s legendary career.  These were the shows we grew up on and made the lasting impressions on us and our music. Our first show was at the Stone Church music club in Newmarket, NH on March 3rd 2018.  Appropriately, this venue was where four of us played music together some 25+ years ago and no less than our favorite soundman, Dave Dickinson was on hand to maximize the potential of the sound system with his knowledge of the room.  Show number two was just as fun and the band stretched out a bit and covered some more amazing ground. TWO SHOWS at the Stone Church on April 19th and 20th 2019 set the standard for a weekend run with packed houses both nights and the band exploring deeper and deeper into the catalogue of tunes. Our next 2-nighter in October 2019 was just as fabulous and the full sets can be found on our YouTube, Stone DEAD site.

And now announcing- TWO SHOWS at the Stone Church coming up on April 10th and 11th 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Terrell – Guitar

Chris O’Neill – Guitar

Drew Wyman – Bass

Chris Sink – Keyboards

George Laliotis – Drums

Tim Leavy – Drums

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