MIGHTY ’MORPHOUS. Back in June (when blizzards, parking bans, and frostbite seemed so far away), in the Phoenix’s Best Music Poll issue, we reported that Amorphous Band, winners of Best Jazz Act 2003, would have an album out in the fall and be pushing the boundaries of their usual New Hampshire tour circuit north to Portland. Well, looks like they made their fall deadline by about a week: They play a CD-release party tonight for their new one, Primeordia. You never know just who’s going to be counting themselves among their number on a particular night (hence the "amorphous" tag), but the core members should be there: guitarist Chris O’Neill, Keith Foley on 7-string fretless bass, drummer Mike Walsh, keyboardist Dan Shure, and Cindy Kaza, whose surname calls to mind that oh-so-popular Napster replacement. In fact, it’s not so off-the-mark because, although you should really buy Amorphous Band’s new CD instead of stealing it off the ’Net, her voice covers just about all the styles that can be found on Kazaa: soul, jazz, hip hop — she does it all. Amorphous jams out at the Alehouse, 30 Market Street, Portland, at 9:30 p.m. Call for cover; (207) 253-5100.