Did you order the Primeordia ribs? Saturday November 22nd The Muddy River Smokehouse hosted the Amorphous Band CD release party for their new album Primeordia out on Red Fez Records. Not a bad combination, one of the best venues anywhere in the seacoast area and certainly one of the best bands to emerge from the seacoast music scene. And wouldn’t you know it that both band and restaurant are multiple award winners. Just like the Muddy River’s BBQ ribs, everything that Amorphous was serving up Saturday night was juicy and well done. The history of the Amorphous Band is complex and long, but as the name would tell you this is a group of musicians willing and able to adapt, anytime anyplace. So why would their CD release party be any different? Four of the five core Amorphous Band members (Chris O’Neill/guitar, Keith Foley/bass, Dan Sure/Keys and Cindy Kaza/vocals) were joined by their bullpen drummer Paul Donahue for the event. Mike Walsh the bands full time drummer was out of town for the show but Paul stepped in never missing a beat and consequently the audience never took a seat. The night was chalk full of special guests keeping both band and audience energetic and entertained. Peter Prince (Moon Boot Lover, Peter Prince and the Trauma Unit) opened the show with and acoustic set of emotion filled “rocket-soul.” For those of you who have never seen Peter before you are missing out, he performs in the way many of us dream about as we sing in the shower, soulful, passionate, and oblivious that the world exists around us. The stage is his home. The Amorphous Band started their night off with an instrumental track that roped everyone right from their seats and onto the dance floor. The four boys were then joined by the soulful Cindy Kaza. I’ll tell you right now, this girl can sing. She brings a soothing and powerful edge to the band. Cindy not only beautifully executes all of the cover tunes that the Amorphous Band has in their bag of tricks but is also a very talented songwriter. You can hear her original work not only with the Amorphous Band but also in her acoustic duo with guitarist Chris O’Neill. The band welcomed guest and Amorphous band regular Jim Lapierre to the stage. Jim is an extremely diverse vocalist, nailing anything from Paul Simon’s “50 ways to leave your lover” to 311’s “all mixed up” and James Brown’s “Get up.” Jim’s voice blends effortlessly with Cindy and brings songs to an even higher level. Local mic specialists, the Belligerent Victims, (Afropic aka Something MC of Solid 8 and Benny Vinney) were on tap to add some spice to a few cover tunes and originals with several verses of Belligerent hip-hop. Drummer Dave Dicenso and percussionist Darren Beaudet put their two cents in with the band before the night was out. Along with the sold out show, the new album, Primeordia is a great success. If you have not seen the Amorphous Band, DO SO! You can catch them every Wednesday night at the Barley Pub in Dover or check out www.amorphousmusic.com for a full schedule of dates. Also check out www.muddyriver.com to see what this amazing room has rolling through every month. Check please! Chris Chase